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Didn't recognize the number so have blocked it from my. Cell phone,

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I have been receiving countless calls from this number and wish I had a way to block them from calling me!!

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Porn number. Do not answer or will be spammed. It lures you in with fake Facebook messaging saying it can't be reached on Facebook and it can't see photos then gives bad links.

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"Credit Card Services" scam advertising lower interest rates.

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unwanted call.

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Called me at my home phone number inquiring how many children I had and what were their ages. I told them to stop calling. The goverment is trying to take away my children

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Who called my phone. Never left a message. I dont recognize this number.

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This sounds like a scam, not a real job

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Texting scam.I think jealous exs use it to stalk me.

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someone gave me this number to message, is this some sort of scam ????

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SalvageData is North America's only data recovery firm certified by both ISO 9001 and SOC 3 standards, leading the industry in quality and security. SalvageData goes beyond standard recovery with proprietary techniques that allow for salvaging data from every kind of storage media on the market.

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THE IRS needs to audit her she only accepts cash because she claims they IRS has seized her checking accounts . Do they make a larger enough Jail uniform for her. LOL WHOS LAUGHING NOW

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THANK GOD, THIS LIC. SOCIAL WORKER HAS BEEN PLACED NULL AND VIOD, She needs to be placed in jail for the illegal studies she did in the past. Hurting peoples lives and causing family problems and she is Grade A TRASH. I will use the court system to make sure justice is done to her the court will give her the right closure.

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